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UK Visitor Visa Consultant

The UK is one of the most favourite destinations for the people who love visiting the places with the serene beauty of nature. This place is a perfect blend of nature, modernisation, art and culture. People be it a student, a tourist, immigrant, or a researcher seek to destine the UK for their varying purposes. The United Kingdom is an island in the Western Europe comprising Scotland, Ireland, and other small nearby islands. Let us go through the rules relating to the Visa processes that you need to follow as a Visitor.


You require a General Visitor Visa to be eligible to enter the UK for the following purposes of your visit:

When You should Apply for this Visitor Visa to the UK:

How long you can stay

The following are the cost structures that you may have to borne for your Visitor Visa for the UK:

What You Can and Can’t Do

What You Can Do

With your General Visitor Visa, you can study for up to 30 days so far as it is not the prime reason for your visit to the UK.

You Can’t Do:


You are eligible to get a General Visitor Visa for UK with the following eligibility criteria:

In case you are applying for a long-term visit visa

You should have sound reasons proving that;

Cancellation or Revocation of your General Visitor Visa:

Your General Visitor Visa for the UK may be cancelled or revoked and result in a long-term ban on your visit to the UK if it is proved from your travel history that you continuously and repeatedly living in the UK for the extended periods of time granted in your visa.

Documents to be provided:

At the time of your application for your General Visitor Visa to the UK, you are required to provide the following documents:

If you’re applying for a long-term visit visa

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