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Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

When you are planning to travel to Australia for the purposes like spending holidays, recreation or paying a visit to your family or friends other than business or medical treatment, you need to apply for the Australian Subclass 600 Visitor Visa. Your application needs to be filed outside Australia as you are residing outside Australia and in the same way you must be outside Australia for the visa to be granted.

Rules to be followed before you apply for the Aussies Visitor Visa:

What is the Cost Of Australian Tourist Visa?

How many times this Visa lets you visit Australia:

The purpose of granting this visa to you is solely for spending your holidays or paying a visit your family or friends.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Australian Visitor Visa:

You are required to comply with the following requirements for your visa to be granted.

Visitor visas for parents of Australians:

It has been felt that there has been a long waiting in case of the permanent Parent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 103) along with the longing of the parents to meet and live their families in Australia. Considering this scenario, the Australian government has been more generous in respect of Visitor Visa for parents of Australians. In order to be automatically eligible for this visa, you should be a parent or step-parent of;

Note that the applications for this visa is evaluated on an individual case to case basis and the visa is granted which lasts up to:

However, three important conditions are required to be complied with in respect of this visa:

1. Maximum 12 month stay in 18 months: You cannot stay in Australia for more than 12 months on any visit or for more than 12 months in any 18-month period.

2. Health insurance: You must maintain fully comprehensive health insurance while you are in Australia. You could be asked to provide evidence of 12 months health insurance cover when you apply. Reciprocal health arrangements are not adequate to meet this requirement.

3. No further stay: You cannot apply for a new visa while you are in Australia. You must leave Australia not later than the date on which your visa ends, except in extremely limited circumstances.


Health Requirements: You are required to comply with the following health requirements:

Hence, we, at Orbit Immigration, always suggest our clients to buy a health insurance each time they travel to Australia.

Character requirements for Australian Visitor Visa:

You are required to fulfil the following Character Requirements:

Prepare Your Documents to Get Australia Visitor Visa

You are required to fulfil the following Character Requirements:

After you have applied for Australian Visa

Orbit Immigration has been acclaimed for their matchless Visa and Immigration services by more than 2000 clients from across the country. Here we are to assist you in this phase in the following matters relating to Documents, Changes in the circumstances, and withdrawal of your visa application:

Visa decision

Orbit Immigration is a one-stop consulting solutions for all your requirements related to the Australian Visitor Visa. In case of the visa decision, there can be two scenarios;

Australia Visa Approval:

When your visa is approved, Orbit Immigration will intimate you about:

Australia Visa Denied:

If the visa is not granted, we will let you know:

What this Australian Visitor visa lets you do?

With this Visa you are eligible to;

Your obligations

You must comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws.

No further Stay:

If you have a ‘No further stay’ condition on your visa, you cannot apply for a new visa while you are in Australia, except in extremely limited circumstances. You must leave Australia no later than the date on which your visa ends

Who can sponsor a family member?

A sponsor must:

You must also be one of the following:

Other rules for being a sponsor are as under:

Applying to be a sponsor

These are some of the rules deciding the pre-requisites to be a sponsor for the tourist stream of the Visitor Visa.

Security bond

The need for the Security Bond is decided on the case to case basis. If the security bond is required, it is intimated in writing to the applicant to provide the Security Bond.

The bond:

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