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Why Study in Australia?

It is no wonder that Overseas Education has always been looked up as a highly expensive affair and was out of the reach of the truly deserving people mainly because of the financial aspects. In this regard, Australia is the most ideal place to opt for higher as well as undergrad studies as it has come up with many educational institutes with a high standards of quality education at the most economical models. Besides, Australia is quite comfortable in respect of living conditions and a tolerant multicultural society. It should be noted here that The Australian Higher Education Institutions rank amongst the world’s best institutes with the highest quality standards of education.


The Higher Education in Australia provides value for money by offering shorter yet more intensive courses. Moreover The Australian Education is more practical and responsive to the current needs of the present day professional and business world scenario as it incorporates the latest innovations in every area of life-be it a science or marketing or management or finance

Australia seems to be high on the list for many reasons

Quality Assurance

In Australia, every course offered by a university has a CRICOS Code (The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). It is the code given by the Australian Government implying that the education system in the university with CRISCOS Code is completely controlled by the Ausis Government. You won’t find any formal ranking of universities in Australia. Thus students from all around the world have long made Australia their education destination.

Education System

Indian and Australian education systems are very similar in structure, i.e. 10+2+3.


It would be important for you to have an about the VET & TAFE. (VET) Vocational Education and Training helps students to get practical skills for the career they are pursuing and is divided into two sections:

On the successful completion of the VET courses the students awarded with certificates, advanced certificates, associate diplomas and diplomas for the courses like,

More about TAFE:


There are 37 public universities and two private universities in Australia. These universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

You will be able to earn the following degrees by studying at either of the Universities;

One more thing important to note here is,The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score is preferred by most Australian Institutions as English proficiency Test and sometimes it is mandatory in case of some universities.

Admission Documents

You are required to furnish the following Admission Documents for the admission in an Australian University.

Documents for Visa

The Documents required for Visa has to be in 5 sets

Streamlined Student Visa Processing

This visa is designed particularly for students outside Australia and are applying for a visa to study in Australia at a participating university.

Streamlined visa processing means, “The applicants are treated as though they are at a lower migration risk (similar to the current Assessment Level 1) regardless of their country of origin.”

Who is this Australian visa for?

This visa is for you if you want to do one of the following:

The following courses of study options in Australia are available with you


You can opt for either of the following courses in Australia. Orbit, Australian Visa Consultants from Ahmedabad, will comply with every minute detail needed for the following courses and ease your path for your bright career.

What is more attracting in case of studying in Australia is you can also join an another course of study besides your main course you intend to do. It would also make you eligible for streamlined visa processing.


According to the Student Visa Consultant for Australia at Orbit, if you are applying for this visa in Australia, you must either be the current holder of a qualifying visa or have held a certain visa and that is not more than 28 days prior to lodging your application.

How much will this visa cost?

The Visa Cost for Australia is comparatively reasonable and comfortable to your pocket. However it should be noted that,

What you are entitled to with this visa in Australia?

Note: If your partner wants to study for more than three months they must apply for their own student visa. The application can be made in Australia.

Post Study Work Scheme in Australia

Let us elaborate the eligibility criteria for the Post Study Work Scheme in Australia. Certain graduates with:

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