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Visitors to New Zealand

New Zealand is a state of islands comprising North Island, South Island and comparatively smaller pieces of land areas. The serene beauty of landscapes, growing production opportunities with the multi-cultural environment and healthy climate leads to throng thousands of visitors to New Zealand every year. The New Zealand Tourist Visa Consultants at Orbit Immigration will make your tour to New Zealand hassle free with ease and comforts. Some of the rules as described below you need to comply with while applying for a visitor visa before you visit New Zealand except that you do not belong to a visa waiver country.

Your passport

The following are the requirements in respect of your passport:


You need to comply with the prime 4 requirements in respect of your;

What is considered as a proof of your plan to leave New Zealand

You can convince with the help of the following evidence to the concerned authority that you intend to leave New Zealand with the period of your Visa.

Any non-refundable travel arrangements are made at your own risk as the outcome of your application cannot be guaranteed.

Proof of funds

You are required to prove to the concerned authority that you have got sufficient fund to support your stay with the following minimum figures of funds:

Sufficient funds can be in the form of:

The declaration of payment by your sponsor for your accommodation and maintenance is equally well acceptable.

Who cannot get a visa?

How long can Your Stay be in New Zealand?

The maximum stay under a visitor visa is usually nine months in an 18-month period.

Let us work this out simply,

Visa-waiver visitors

The following rules are applicable to a visitor from a visa waiver country:

What about my family?

Special visitor categories :

Medical insurance

During your stay

Once you are granted a visitor visa for New Zealand, it is imperative for you to meet certain conditions during your stay. The breach of any of these conditions you may result in deportation from New Zealand.

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