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What makes a genius apart from the rat race is the way he or she has been taught throughout their academic career. On the other hand, the basic lessons remain the same but the methodology to impart the knowledge makes a sizable difference. New Zealand is one such nice place for a student to sharpen his/her talent in any area of education. Standards of living, Studying, Working and settling too are much more convincing and comfortable than that in the rest of the countries in the world. You will get all that is needed to build a sound career and empower yourself to enter and tackle the highly competitive professional world with ease. The degrees that you obtain from the some of the best universities of the world are widely acclaimed for their repute and advanced methodology of teaching.

Some of the best attractions that New Zealand universities have are:

Now ponder over the best in the pocket with New Zealand,


Education system

British education system is followed by almost every institute in New Zealand with world class facilities, resources and faculties. It would be easier for any student to move to any country of his or her choice as the degrees from NZ are well recognized worldwide.

Let us have a look at the educational institutes and the governing body for the same in New Zealand:

Levels of Study in New Zealand

There are 10 levels of study in New Zealand schools and universities. The lowest level is for a certificate course and the highest is a doctoral degree course.

Major Intakes In NZ

Admission Documents For New Zealand Student Visa

NZ Student Visa Mandatory Test

Pre-Degree-Diploma & Undergraduate Degree

Programs in New Zealand

  1. Business
  2. Hospitality
  3. Travel & Tourism
  4. Computing & IT
  5. Engineering
  6. Nursing
  7. Health Care
  8. Marine Engineering
  9. Biotechnology
  10. Forensic Science

Fund Transfer Scheme

Under this scheme the student has to transfer at least 12 months’ living expenses to a bank account in New Zealand, in addition to paying the tuition fee for one year. The amount deposited by the student in the bank will be for 12 months and the student will be allowed to withdraw $1250 on monthly basis for the period of 12 months. FTS is only an option and is not a mandatory requirement by INZ. More Information about FTS is available at


  1. Auckland Institute of Technology
  2. Canterbury University
  3. Central Institute of Technology
  4. Hristchurch Polytechnic
  5. Lincoln University
  6. Massey University
  7. UNITEC Institute of Technology
  8. University of Auckland
  9. University of Otago
  10. University of Waikato
  1. Victoria University of Wellington
  2. Waikato Polytechnic
  3. Waikato University
  4. Whitecliffe College of Art & Design
  5. AIS St. Helens
  6. New Zealand School of Travel and Tourism
  7. Computer Power Institute
  8. Newton College of Business and Technology
  9. Design and Arts College

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