India Ranks Second in the Number of US Student Visa Applications

09 April , 2015
According to the US Consulate in Chennai, the number of students applying for the student visa has increased by 40 percent which has made India the second largest number of foreign students applying to study in the US. Speaking at the inauguration of the US Universities Fair recently, Consul General Phillip Min said that there are over one lakh students from India in US universities and out of the total number of students who were studying abroad, more than half were studying in the STEM subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The regional officer of the United States India Education and Foundation said that there was an increasing interest from the students of high schools apart from the graduate students to pursue their higher education abroad. Besides their main subjects, students can choose others such as Sports, Arts or Computers. If you are interested in Visas to the USA, contact Migration Expert for information and advice on which visa is best suited to you. You can also try our Visa Assessment to see if you are eligible to apply for a visa to the United States of America....